Avocado Odacova

June 20, 2009

Back in April I placed an avocado stone in a hyacinth vase and waited for it to grow. The same week, I went to my GP and asked for a referral for ADHD. For what seemed a very long time, nothing happened, and sometimes I thought it was dead, incapable of growth.

About three weeks ago, just before I was diagnosed, I noticed the pale tip of a root splitting the base of the stone. This grew remarkably quickly and in a few days it had lengthened and thickened until it brushed the bottom of the vase. I planted the stone in a small tub of compost, leaving just its nose exposed. I imagined its root going from strength to strength, splitting and branching into a complex network, and knitting the loose earth together, bound and anchored. But if this was taking place, it was in secret, below the unchanging surface.

A few days ago, I went back to my GP to pick up a prescription for Concerta 54mg. He asked me if I had noticed any improvement since being on the meds. Not dramatically, I answered. But there is definitely some difference. In two weeks, I have experienced little victories each day. An email that previously would have gone unwritten, unfinished, or unsent. A returned library book. An article read and understood. A completed to-do-list. An empty laundry basket. A remembered birthday. A little question answered not ignored. These improvements are almost so small that they risk insignificance. But under the surface a bigger change has been taking place. I don’t feel I am on a treadmill anymore, always playing catch-up and never making progress. I feel less anxious, more in control and that there is some time that is there to spend as I see fit, burning a hole in my pocket like a shiny fifty pence in an old sweetshop. I never felt this change happening. It is only when I compare now with two weeks ago that I recognise how significant a change it has been.

Look what appeared yesterday:

New Growth

New Growth


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