She was wearing only black…

July 8, 2009

Right, I don’t have time to be writing this. In approximately 2 hrs and 45 minutes, I am going into a viva the outcome of which will determine whether I will a) be progressing into the second year of my PhD or b) suddenly finding I have a dramatic increase of time in which to update my blog which is proportionally relational to a decrease to my future career prospects.

With this in mind, please excuse any typos and/or grammatical atrocities. I am still blushing from the howlers I have discovered upon re-reading my submission in preparation for the viva. Ouch.

But some things just can’t wait.

I’ve just picked up my psychiatrist’s letter to my GP following my diagnosis. It is mostly fine. A few factual inaccuracies that prompt me to wonder which of us was having the difficulty focusing during the 60 minute assessment but I’ll let those go.

This, however? I can’t decide whether to frame it or feed it to the chinchillas, one observation at a time:

Mental State Examination: Her hair was slightly unkempt. On her t-shirt there were a couple of holes. She was wearing only black. She seemed to be anxious and was fidgety and couldn’t sit still. Her presentation was occasionally dramatic. Her attention was very easily distractible and she had difficulty to keep the focus of her speech.

Right, viva is now in 2hr 30 minutes exactly. Please excuse me while I go brush my hair and change my t-shirt.


Occasionally Dramatic of Cambridge.

2 Responses to “She was wearing only black…”

  1. Heifa78 said

    Your post reminded me of the above article I came across a couple of weeks ago…

  2. […] not remember me. We used to see each other here a while back. Y’know, I was the one wearing mostly black? My clothing…full of holes… you remember? Hair…dishevelled?  Yes, the ADHDer PhDer – […]

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