Haiku for ADHD

November 17, 2011

Hey hey hey, Internet.

Today finds me in a reasonable mood, despite productivity being low and distractibility being exceedingly high. So far today the only things I have finished are a whole packet of polos and the last of the loo roll (never did get round to buying any, despite repeatedly noting to self that it has been running low). Hopefully the laxative effect they warn you about only applies to the sugar-free variety. Otherwise I could be in trouble.

Anyway, because I am running out of day in which to achieve anything remotely useful, I thought it would be good for me to start a blog post that I could complete quickly and without becoming distracted. I therefore decided, Internet, that I would impose some restrictions upon myself. For, example, a 17 syllable length restriction, a three-minute time restriction, and a strict prohibition on the curly bracket, my Achilles heel of appropriate punctuation. For this reason I am introducing what may well be the beginning of a regular series of posts (in the name of brevity): the ADHD Haiku (really, the inventor of the Haiku should be given an ADHD genius award. Or summat).

So here it is:

ADHD HAIKU number 1*

Angry driver BEEPS:

The man is green and has been

For some time. Sorry.


Edit: You Americans and Canadians have green men on the traffic lights, yes? If not, apologies, and google is your friend.

*(where the fuck is the hash key on a Mac pls??)

10 Responses to “Haiku for ADHD”

  1. jeg700 said

    hash key on Mac is alt + 3
    In Canada, we just have round green lights for the cars, or green arrows for those cars that wish to turn. The little men are white and light up for the pedestrians to signal it’s their turn to cross the street. Of course, those little white men turn to a flashing red hand signalling STOP CROSSING THE STREET after you’ve taken about 3 steps into the road LOL If we actually followed those little white men/red flashing hand we would be stuck on one side of a street forever!

  2. stillstrange said

    They need to change the symbol in the middle of your e-mail address..blahblahblah weird symbol yahoo.com. I can never even draw it.

    • Ha ha ha you mean the @ sign? Do you not think that at this relatively advanced stage of electronic communications, changing it might create more problems than it solves? That made me smile ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Not many green men yet, but the meaning is obvious. I don’t usually like Haiku, but this one is outstanding.


    • ha ha thank you. I’m not a Haiku fan either but not only are they ADHD friendly, they are ideal for procrastination as I can convince myself it’ll only be ten minutes until I get back to the thesis I’m supposed to be writing. ๐Ÿ™‚

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