December? Already?

December 4, 2011

According to Chaucer, April is a fine month for a pilgrimage. According to T.S Eliot, April is the cruelest month. According to my calendar, it is also the longest:


So I was rather startled to find myself in December. Not feeling the Christmas cheer right now, Internet. In fact, all I want for Christmas is a completed PhD thesis. Sadly, it’s not the kinda thing you can put on a wishlist. Or is it?

Does it count as plagiarism if Santa writes your thesis?




8 Responses to “December? Already?”

  1. Shiny said

    Prolly not, so long as you give him the proper citations….it only gets tricky if he gets the elves involved.

    Btw, your calendar made me hurl. 😳

  2. What’s your thesis on?

    • My thesis is on the ways women write about themselves online (in blogs and the like), particularly where there’s a therapeutic value or some kind of element of self-performance, and compares that to women’s self-representational narratives in other media. I’m basically writing a thesis about my blog.

      I’m not really. Honestly I’m not. Narcissist! (How many ss’s in narcissism?)

  3. Oops, it’s n0stere0types/TJ. Logged in with FB. Apparently. o_O

  4. Haha a thesis about your blog- that’s amaaaaazing! You sure it’s not a blag about your thesis? 😉

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