C’est ne pas une pipe

December 8, 2011

Good afternoon, Internet!

Actually, you know what? It is a good afternoon here. In fact, it’s been a good few days here in wonderland. Here are some reasons why I am in a good mood:

1) I finished a first draft of my PhD thesis.

2) I Finished a First Draft Of My PhD Thesis


4) I FINISHED A FIRST DRAFT OF MY PHD THESIS THANK FUCK !!!!!!!!!! (whew, yep, that’s the one)

Here are some other significant things that have happened over the last few days:

1) I went to the Central London ADHD meeting. It was bloody brill. So nice to meet people of the Internet (yes, people of the Internet, I did not mean to type people off the Internet, since if that is what I meant I would clearly write people from the Internet. Sorry to be a stickler about this, but people have drawn my attention to missing ‘f’s before and because I can’t stand the thought of anyone reading this and thinking about that missing ‘f’ which is, in actual fact, not so much missing as purposefully excluded from the party, I thought I ought to clarify the point early. We all sorted now? Good. Off we go.) Where was I? Oh yes. So it was wonderful to meet people who previously I had only met on the Internet. Shiny was every bit as shiny (in personality, I mean; she didn’t look like she needed a wash) as I expected her to be and more so. Indeed it reminded me that I love ADHDers for their sparkle and the way the everyday world goes into their brain, gets all mashed up like a play-doh fun factory and then comes out of their mouths in weird and unpredictable arrays of colour.

What I loved about Tuesday was the way I could look around and recognise familiar little expressions or patterns of speech. I could tell that people were already thinking about what they wanted to say next when they were listening to somebody else, I could see them biting their lip so as not to interrupt. Of course we are all different people with different lives, backgrounds, and personalities, but it’s like there’s a base level of shared understanding that can be taken for granted and doesn’t need to be explained. There’s something incredibly comforting about that, and something very refreshing too. It’s like a cold lemonade in summer, and a cup of hot bovril in a storm. Not together, obvs. I feel like I really need that at the moment (the ADHD meeting, not the lemonade/bovril cocktail. Bovade. Lemonvril. Ugh). It did me good, and I had a fantastic time. Top bloody banana!

2) Right, I’ve totally run out of time now (am going to buy a small Christmas tree in a minute. I only have six baubles so it is not going to be an extravagant affair) but I do want to briefly tell you about SuperCoach Bev. She’s ace too. I had my first coaching session with her by phone yesterday and not only is she Northern and very nice, she has also proved to me already that ADHD coaching is not the waste of time I feared it might be. In fact, I am feeling quite hopeful. Short of getting myself medicated again, I think SuperCoach Bev might be the answer. I will tell you more about this tomorrow, when I also have some other things of importance interest value total pointlessness to tell you.

In the meantime, I had to share this with you. The other day I got a sign. A sign it was going to be a good few days. I am a great believer in the universe giving us signs. Actually that’s a complete lie. A massive lie. I am not at all a believer in the universe giving me signs (why can’t I tell a lie on the Internet without confessing? What’s the Internet for if I can’t pretend the universe sends me signs???). The universe prob does not give us signs, people. If it does, it should probably be targeting someone a bit more influential than me. Like Obama or Cameron or the people who invent internet memes. It should be telling political leaders to stop fucking up the planet and killing and torturing people. It should be banning Littlewoods from advertising on television and the radio until they can produce something that doesn’t make my brain vomit out of my eyes. Yep, the following, which I saw in the remnants of a vegetable stir-fy, was probably not a message from the universe, but it did make me smile:

Is that gross? Now I’ve posted it, I feel a bit nauseous. Soz guys.


13 Responses to “C’est ne pas une pipe”

  1. jeg700 said

    Love the joy radiating from this post! Makes me smile. I’m relieved to know that the ADHD meeting was good; I’ve been avoiding delaying my attendance, always postponing to next time, next week, next month and now it’s next year. I think I’ll get there eventually:) And you starting with a coach…awesome news. I can barely wait to hear how that goes!
    So, thanks for this!

    • I can’t recommend the ADHD meets enough. I guess it might depend on the people and the way it’s organised but assuming both of those things are satisfactory, I think you might get a lot out of it. Will def keep updating about the coaching too.

  2. jeg700 said

    Oops! Forget to congratulate you on getting that 1st draft done! Fantabulous for sure!

  3. LOL @ lemonvril. Well done on thesis!

    oh and…


  4. stillstrange said

    Food leftovers not gross but interesting actually, a bit surprising too. Welcome back. It’s been a bit and congrats on your thesis.

  5. Shiny said

    Hmm. At best, I have to say, Mr Noodle looks undecided about the future…portentous indeed… 😳

    I’m glad I turned out to be a synechdoche.(See! I knew there was a word! 😄 How we can have plastic glasses without upsetting the scientists in the room…)

  6. Synechdoche!!!!!! It was on the tip of my tongue, I promise. So much so that if I’d have stuck out my tongue you’d probs have been able to read it.

    Re Mr Noodle. I think I might have problems reading facial expressions (or in this case, perhaps, platial expressions) because I swear it was a smile when I first looked and now you’ve expressed doubt, I’m not so sure….

  7. thank you – i so often forget about the good things about being an Addie. ♥hug♥

    • Hey, thanks for the comment. And yes, for every crap thing, there is a good thing about being like us. Well the ratio doesn’t always feel 1:1 but we should definitely keep in mind that we have a little something that’s brilliant about us. I really do believe that when I see it in other ADHDer and it makes me feel better about myself. I just left you a comment on your lists post. Top banana.

  8. […] Tagsfeeling good, positives Indeed it reminded me that I love ADHDers for their sparkle and the way the everyday world goes into their brain, gets all mashed up like a play-doh fun factory and then comes out of their mouths in weird and unpredictable arrays of colour. (from i won’t forget a single day) […]

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