12 Days to Go!

April 15, 2012

Hello again, Internet.

It’s been a while. But I have a really good excuse. I have never worked so bloody hard in my life. I am exhausted. In twelve days time I will hand in my PhD thesis (ADHD, Microsoft Word, and other complicating factors permitting).

Although it is twelve days till submission, it is only ten days till thesis needs to be at the binders, all polished, formatted, referenced, bibliographied, and pdf’d. I am at work for four of those days.

10 minus 4 = PANIC!

PANIC = immediate urge to write blog post.

This equation can be simplified as 6 days = blog.

Which makes no mathematical sense but nevertheless, I intend to chronicle these last few days so that one day I can read them back and remember the pain and the panic, the abandonment of every other thought and activity (save those required to maintain the most basic standard of hygiene), and the curious floaty feeling that comes from awakening from a four hour sleep unable to determine whether Microsoft Word’s snotty little notifications were dream or reality.

An observation: panic/adrenaline–call it what you will–really focuses the brain. Apart from a relapse of my obsession with growing strawberries and other forms of vegetation unsuitable for attic windowsills, procrastination has been markedly less over the past couple of weeks. There’s prob an explanation along the lines of adrenaline substituting the missing dopamine or some such but if it works then i’m not questioning it. I do have some regrets when I think that if I could have worked at even half this intensity for even half of my PhD registration period then the panic I am experiencing now would be proportionally less. On the other hand, I wouldn’t have approx 250,000 words of facebook status updates, tweets, and blog posts to show for it so, y’know, it’s a net win….

So there we have it. 12 days to go.

Number of words over word limit: 400 (down from 6000 four days ago)

Number of pages: 320

Number of footnotes: 483

Number of spelling and grammatical errors: Too many for Word to continue displaying them, according to one of its snarky messages.

Number of times I’ve left the flat this weekend: 0

Number of pregnancy dreams where the foetus I have incubated for 3.5 years finally makes an appearance and turns out to be a stuffed animal/old trainer/dead strawberry plant/other kind of damp squib: 8







3 Responses to “12 Days to Go!”

  1. louise said

    Wow, that is so exciting!! I’ve also found that intense stress really focuses the mind, so I guess stress is a good thing 😉 Best of luck for the last stretch!! 🙂

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