I am an adult. I have ADHD. I am doing a PhD.  There are other things I could write here, other things about me. But at the moment, these are the three rubber duckies in my life. They rock about in a too-small bath, violently bumping each other. Every now and again it looks like one is going under…

Welcome to my blog…

6 Responses to “About (Inattentive) Me…”

  1. Narnie said

    I found your blog and don’t want to forget I was here as it made me smile on this cold Monday night.

  2. I’ve not been here in a while…remind me of what you are doing your PhD in? Keep up the great work!

    • Hey! The PhD is in women’s self-performance across media. It traces autobiographical impulses in film, literature, diaries and…um…blogging. Which means that even when I’m blogging, I’m kinda working on the PhD. “It’s research!” Not sure my supervisor would agree…

      • Wow! Sounds great! I’ve met some interesting men in this blogosphere, but we do seem to rule the roost! Makes sense to me actually. We seem to thrive on what is interesting and have a need to get our stories out somewhere.

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